GoGreen Hemp™ Premium CBD Unflavored Oil Drops help maintain balance through the daily chaos of life with Everyday hemp extract wellness boost!

We're committed to the quality and consistency of our products. To ensure they're the best on the market, we've bred our own unique strain of hemp which is very high in CBD.  

for third party test results. 

GoGreen delivers the best blend of the good stuff—cannabinoids and naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Enjoy hemp oil daily to maintain your health and wellness routine. 

Intended Use: Sublingual (Underneath your tongue) 

- Derived from organically grown hemp

- Non-GMO

- Vegan

- Third Party Tested 


- Kosher

Ingredients & Use 

Ingredients: CBD, MCT Oil. 

 CBD Per Dropper Based On MG Level: 

250mg Full Dropper: 8.3mg

500mg Full Dropper: 16.6mg

1000mg Full Dropper: 33.2mg

2000mg Full Dropper: 66.4mg 

CBD Dosage Based On MG Level: 

250mg: 2-3 Full Droppers Daily 

500mg: 1-2 Full Droppers Daily

1000mg: 1 Full Dropper Daily 

2000mg: 1/2 Dropper Daily 

Intended Use: Sublingual (Underneath your tongue) 


Verified Customer Testimonials: 

It has helped me back down how often I take my norco, which is good, and the capsules help me sleep longer, until the pain wakes me. It's a little pricey but so is my prescription. I will continue to purchase these products." - Terri

"I love the unflavored oil drops, the taste is very mild and like it better than the flavored oil. Hold a dropper full under my tongue for 2-3 minutes before swallowing, is very effective for morning headaches." - Kate

"This product has changed my life - cautiously optimistic that this may be the long-term solution to my chronic lower back pain caused by severe spinal stenosis ... started taking one month ago and back pain has subsided substantially - after two years of constant pain. If this continues, I have been given a new lease on life...." - Gary

"Love Green Hemp Products. Best by far and I have tried product from more than 40 different vendors. Best taste, accurate measurements of the CBD, and they work." - Darrel

GoGreen Hemp CBD Premium Unflavored Oil Drops

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